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What people are saying about their experience with Black Oaks Kennels


Peggy McConnaughay - January 20, 2024

My dog Murphy and I had a wonderful experience with Lisa and her husband Jeff during our obedience training classes. Murphy also boards there when and if needed.

Murphy progressed nicely in the five weeks of training. He also did some one on one training with them while boarded. Just recently Murphy passed his CGC and CGCA. Also received a ribbon for Novice Tricks.

I’m so grateful for them and look forward to more classes soon!

I highly recommend Black Oak.



Josh Szlash - September 18, 2023

We sent our precious (mischievous) 6 month old Bruno to black oak kennels 3 week training program, we wanted to focus on recall, basic commands, stay, off leash, public outings without barking, dog sniffing, people sniffing, etc.

Lisa had just had foot surgery so Jeff took the lead with Bruno, the bond they made together was truly something to write home about, Lisa kept us constantly updated through group text with photos and videos of Bruno’s progress, going out in public, going to local events, home training and also lots of fun! This is was such a relief and a must for us to receive so many updates as we are natural worriers about our babies, we didn’t worry for one moment, we knew Bruno was in amazing, caring, kind and loving hands the whole time. He learned so much and we will continue to work with him to receive his cgc’s and become a service dog for veteran ptsd. Thank you so much Lisa and Jeff!


Rebeca Pearce Norman - July 2, 2023

I have a fear reactive dog that we rescued. Lisa has been working with us for a few months and the improvement has been tremendous! We can walk through most stores with no melt downs. She even passed her CGC. It was a long road, but Lisa never gave up on us.

This past week, both my dogs spent a week being boarded while we were out of town, and now my fearful dog loves Lisa and her husband Jeff (like gives them hugs and kisses loves). I was worried that we would never be able to leave Harlow because of her fear, but with Lisa’s help she has blossomed. I can’t recommend Lisa enough!



Terre Jasmin - March 27, 2023

Lisa not only taught my 3 year old American Bulldog Nurley the very valuable basics but because of my life situations as Nurley grew up what she had already learned was some pretty bad habits that prohibited Nurley and I both from inner acting away from home in any fashion and Lisa took those bad habits and very lovingly transformed them into positive and manageable characteristics. Lisa’s knowledge, love and devotion in the teaching and correcting of my dogs behavior has changed our lives forever. Her kennels and training areas are clean and safe and very thoughtfully put together with safety and comfort of our best friends in highest regard. What Lisa gave us was an unmeasurable gift for life.


Kim Smith - September 8, 2022

Lisa related uniquely to the individual personality of our husky Nova! The communication throughout her stay was appreciated and put us at ease. It’s refreshing to know that our pet is truly taken care of and loved during her boarding. Thank you Lisa!!!



Jay Powell - August 20, 2022

I give Black Oaks Kennels (BOK) 11 out of 10 stars!  Lisa (owner) is great.  She clearly loves dogs and my dog Rocky clearly loves her.  Rocky appears to consider his stays at BOK as his vacation.  Once I get within a mile of the kennel, Rock gets super excited and can’t wait to get out of the car and start his vacation…  BOK offers a number of services including: Boarding, Training, Training while boarding, Puppy Boot Camp, Dog Camp, Bath & Brush, and Nail Trims all for reasonable prices.  Bottom line; when I leave Rocky with Lisa, I know I do not have to worry about him as he is in very good hands!





Kim Match - August 7, 2022

We have used black oaks kennels for boarding and training multiple times for our sweet Simba a 1.5 year old yellow lab. Lisa and Jeff are the only trainers we trust to care for Simba while we are away. They are responsive, have made great strides with Simba and his training and manners and I always know he is well cared for and loved while we are gone. We drive him 1.5 hours each way for pick up and drop off because we trust them that much with his care. Our neighbors recommended black oak kennels and bring their black lab there for boarding and training as well. I whole heartedly recommend them without any reservations.



Dale Nettles - July 5, 2022

We boarded Rascal with Lisa at Black Oak Kennels during our vacation. He received training and much attention. Very impressed with improved behaviors and Lisa’s follow-up and continual support.


Julia Coke Lampe - July 5, 2022

Just picked our dog up from 9 days at Black Oaks Kennels.

Lisa is amazing, very friendly and a great communicator. She sent pictures and videos throughout his stay. Brody loved his time there and will definitely be going back. Thank you!



Linda Line - June 21, 2021

We had an outstanding experience at Black Oak Kennel and Lisa McClelland.  Our 8 month puppy Chris is an energetic, intelligent border collie/black lab mix.   She is hard to control, jumping up, lungeing on walks, and chewing on the leash.  She is a recuse and has lots of potential.  We were in need of expert help!  Lisa came to the resue!  Lisa is the Dog Wisperer…loves dogs, very knowledgeable, professional, can read a dogs behavior and correct it in a loving firm way that the dog understands and responds to.  Chris spent a week at puppy training camp and that was money well spent!  Chris came home calm, ready to respond to commands, stays off the furniture, walks calming around the neighborhood, no longer jumps up, sleeps well through the night and we all look forward to kayaking with Chris.  Thank you Lisa and look forward to working with you monthly to keep her training going.

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